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Our agency had its beginning in 1866 when Ferdinand Phinizy, a prosperous cotton merchant, founded F. Phinizy & Company. During this post Civil War era, Augusta was a major center for cotton and other commodities. It was not until the conflagration “great fire” of 1916, that Augusta suffered its worse property loss in history. 526 resident homes, 138 businesses, and 20,000 bales of cotton were destroyed by the fire. With an estimated property loss of 5 million, F. Phinizy & Company played a key role in settling a majority of these claims. As the city rebuilt from this tragedy, its once thriving cotton-based economy evolved into a more diversified commercial and industrial complex. F. Phinizy & Company prospered during this period by building a mutual trust between company and its customers.


In 1959, Stewart Phinizy, the grandson of Ferdinand Phinizy, hired Michael J. Taylor as partner of the firm. Mr. Taylor had been associated with Chubb Insurance Group in New York and Atlanta. The firm then incorporated as Phinizy and Taylor. In 1960, after Mr. Phinizy’s untimely death, John D. “Jack” Sherman Jr. joined the firm as partner. In 1963, Phinizy & Taylor, Inc. realized the need for greater expansion and merged with W.R. Dawson & Company, whose principal partner, H. Burts Taylor, was long acknowledged by the Augusta insurance community as the “Dean of Insurance.” Mr. Taylor’s vast knowledge,


51 years of experience and credible reputations with the insurance companies led to changing the name to Dawson, Taylor, & Sherman Incorporated.


In 1990, Dawson Taylor and Company re-located to it’s current West Augusta location. Augusta’s diversified economic sectors are essential in maintaining the city’s steady growth. Industries that include a world class medical center, a strategic military base and strong manufacturing facilities have all attributed to a stable local economy; and let’s not forget the Masters Golf Tournament that attracts patrons from around the world. In 2005, the expansion of Plant Vogtle led Dawson Taylor and Company to open it’s second location in Waynesboro, Georgia. Today, Dawson Taylor and Company is proud of it’s long heritage and it’s service to it’s clients and the community.